The Refurbishment Process

There are no ’employees” in the process, everyone is a volunteer.

Computers deemed suitable for refurbishment are firstly opened and physically cleaned. The hard disks are returned to new-delivery condition, eliminating data, using especially approved programs.  Each hard disk drive is wiped (killed) of all its previous information.  Next the freshly killed, hard drives are fitted in preparation, and computers sit in a holding store until required for their new licensed Microsoft software to be installed.  At the same time, open license, reliable, public domain software; (Security, search and protection utilities,) including Anti virus software products, are also installed.

The computers have then had a new, licensed Windows operating system installed.  This is a Microsoft requirement of our certification as a refurbisher.
Computers for delivery are quality tested at each step and before being provided to a successful applicant.  At pick-up each computer and new owner undergo a short familiarisation lesson, and a description of the new operating system and hardware.

Thanks to our symbiotic ‘recycling’ efforts we can perform all this in a self funding manner.

To enable this work to continue we are always on the lookout for ongoing suppliers of suitable donated computers.  Please pass the word to your local schools and businesses.