WCMS Ideas Vault

This link will access five boards created for the pleasure of  members


They are:
1: Working with wood
2: Just a brilliant idea
3: Ideas for the shed
4: Triage and Nerdsville
5: Products to make for sale

These should be self explanatory, but to make clear what they contain and will grow to further contain, here is a breakdown.

Working with wood:
There will be placed, techniques and tricks to develop modern skills and approaches to the hobby.  Where available there will be some simple projects with plans.

Just a brilliant idea: Great ideas sourced from other woodworkers, craftsmen and hobbyists.

IDEAS for the shed: Tips and tricks that will be useful in WCMS’s next shed.  Really handy information posters showing blades, bits and heads comparisons for tools in common use.  There will be suggestions for ideal bench sizes and styles, spacing and positioning equipment, and the best types of machines for specific purposes.

TRIAGE and Nerdsville: To keep our nerdy computer types happy, here will be offered technical ideas, projects and their share of Info-posters. (all the stuff they love)

Projects to make for sale: It is an ideal place to share simple woodworking and metalworking projects, mostly of a smaller nature, that would suit a craft market opportunity.  This is another vehicle generating income needed for financial viability.