Apply for a refurbished computer

Who, what, where and how

How cheap?  People who meet the application eligibility criteria can purchase one from $80 to $120  (price varies in accordance with specifications).  The fee is charged primarily to defray Microsoft’s generously subsidised, Refurbishment Program, software costs.

(Detailed specs available at time of ordering, determined by available stock)

System A  (Price $80):   Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64, Intel or AMD processor, 4Gb RAM,  250 Gb Hard disk, 19” LCD Display, Keyboard, Mouse, MS Office 2010*

System B   (Price $120):  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64, Intel or AMD Processor,   4Gb RAM, 500 Gb Hard disk, 20” LCD Display, Keyboard, Mouse, MS Office 2010*


* Office 2010 comprises the following applications:
PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and OneNote.

Would you like one?

Click here Application Form – Individuals Aug 18

                    Application Form – Organisations – Jan 18

To go to the Application form page.  Download the appropriate application form and determine if you qualify for a WCMS Inc refurbished computer.

Please Note: For all computer related enquiries please phone 0499 243 171
or email: