About Us

Members of the Wanneroo Community Men’s Shed (Inc), (WCMS) are active volunteers.  The group’s main activities are the refurbishing of donated redundant computers to be made available for the needy in the community, while at the same time preventing electronic waste (eWaste) from unusable computers, entering landfill.

WCMS is an authorised Microsoft refurbisher, meeting the highest worldwide standard required by that premium company.  Microsoft are extremely generous in assisting WCMS by providing access to licenses at a reduced, charitable organisation price.  This allows WCMS to guarantee the inclusion of genuine activated Microsoft products in a highly subsidised computer package.

The volunteer members are also involved in the complete dismantling and recycling of PCs deemed unsuitable for refurbishment and some other items such as printers etc.   WCMS’s volunteers are keen to be ‘doing their bit’ for the health of the environment.

Our computers are donated by benevolent organisations and companies, from state government and local government departments, schools, hospitals etc.
Typically these entities see the value in their donations being given a new lease of life. There is also the opportunity of being recognised as ecological champions.  WCMS’s refurbished computers are available to any person or organisation who qualifies (usually a centrelink card or equivalent).  Details are set out in our application forms (see the section ‘Apply for a computer’).

Though laptops are offered as an option, there are less of these forthcoming as donations, due to the shorter lifespan of the products, and the high attrition rate in the corporate world.  Delays often occur in supply of refurbished laptops

WCMS also have small woodworking sections where some members get involved in woodworking and community projects.  An example of this is the production of Buddy Benches.