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Welcome to the
  Wanneroo Community Men's Shed

The Wanneroo Community Men's Shed, (WCMS),
is an active group. Our main activity is the refurbishing of suitable computers.
WCMS is an authorised Microsoft refurbisher. Microsoft are extremely generous
in assisting our cause.

Our members are also involved in the complete dismantling and recycling of unsuitable
PCs and some other ewaste items such as printer. Doing our bit for the environment.

Our computers are donated by benevolent organisations and companies who see the
community value in their donations being given a new lease of life. Our refurbished
computers are available to any person or organisation who qualifies.
Our applications set out the required qualifications.   

WCMS also has a small woodworking section where some of our members get involved
in woodworking and community projects.

Special Notice:

Attention community groups in the Wanneroo shire!

We have 100 refurbished PCs which -must- go to City of Wanneroo ratepayers and Community groups.

Don't miss out. Stocks will not last.  Now only 80 left.

Download an application form now from the Computers page.


Help, we need help.


Our recycling section is in desperate need of a crusher. The lightweight PC cases take up a lot of volume which makes it not viable to transport a load to the scrap man.

We have tried cardboard box presses and they seem to work O/K, but are fairly expensive.

Is there a machine out there looking for a new home?

       What is a Men's Shed?

A Men's Shed is a meeting place for men.

It is a place for men to visit and meet for a variety of reasons. Some of our men come to be involved in hands on activity such as computer refurbishing or woodworking. Some come for the camaraderie and to chat with other guys about issues, fishing and life in general. Most come along for all of the above!