Our Charter and Constitution


To be a place for learning in a manner responsive to the needs of men.
To do so with honesty and integrity in all activities.

To develop a positive and participative culture amongst its members, so as to share, disseminate and preserve the skills, abilities and interests that are relevant to men of all ages. 

To support the social interaction of men of all ages, through difficult transitional periods, in a non-exclusive, non-judgmental way, whilst being a place for nurturing mateship while always endeavouring to create the feelings of belonging.

To show appreciation of the value of contributions by partners and sponsors.

To function in a community-focused manner, utilising the accumulated knowledge and skills of the volunteers in providing affordable computer technology to the neediest in the community.

To generate sufficient income from activities in order to be financially sustainable.

To always aim to be exceptional ecological and environmental stewards; and through our recycling program, continue working to reduce the volume of electronic waste going to landfill.

To use the camaraderie of the members, to address the issues of men’s physical, mental and social health, and have appropriate activities supported by OH&S programs.


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